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Watching me on Twitch, Monday -  Thursday 9 am - 12 pm CST
Earn channel points simply by following and tuning in. 
Use your channel points to redeem your place in our digital greenhouse!
Updated 5/26/22
Welcome to Cookie's Greenhouse
Redeem channel points to being a part of the cozy greenhouse.
Each week I stream myself designing pattern designs and illustrations on Twitch. While doing so, I have some of the most amazing people on the internet join me to chat and hang out. To reward my followers for being a part of my stream, they connect "channel points" which are points that accumulate while watching and interacting during the stream on Twitch. 
So my followers can be more involved I created a Channel Point system that allows them to be a part of my artmaking. They can redeem their channel points to earn a variety of items that will collectively be a part of the community greenhouse. 
Below you can see the variety of items and mix and match to make your own cozy pot & plant.

Here are the pots currently available! Normal pots are 1000 channel points. Special points, indicated by the star icon, are 5000 channel points.

This is our color scheme. Which color will you choose? 500 channel points

These are our patterns you can use to style your pot. 500 channel points

Give your pot some personality when you redeem a face. 500 channel points

After your pot is sittin' pretty, you can then plant a seed! 1000 channel points

After you have planted your seed, it's time for you to sprout your first leaf! 1000 channel points

Let good things grow! Add a leave to your beautiful healthy plant. 1000 channel points

These are specials that only subscribers can redeem. Macrome, special pots, and more.

I'm very excited about our community greenhouse. I look forward to growing with you! 
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