I'm so excited to share this pattern with you because it was a commissioned project with RVSLTS for their summer SeerSucker collection. Playing from the traditional seersucker material, we added a splash with some of the ocean's amazing creators. 
The image above, and the thumbnail, is my original design. Due to covid and shipping delays, this collection was delayed. Once RVSLTS released the design for sale, they made their own color adjustments, which I think we can admit are pretty awesome. Originally they wanted the designs to be neon and loud because their brand is anything but shy.
This was my original concept for the design style of the octopi. Put this guy on your water bottle.
This is the style the client decided on. They liked the outlines that are loosey colored in.
This is the first draft of the pattern design without the seersucker lines.
Then this is the finished design. I really love how the octopi are playing with the lines.
Orders your's at rsvlts.com
These final images were taken by RSVLTS, and you should totally go follow them.

If you are looking for custom pattern designs, please contact me. I would love to connect.

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